Acupuncture helped me to cope with the anxiety of flying.

Traveling by plane was a common thing for me, because I moved to Denmark 5 years ago and often visit my family back home. However, during some of the  last flights I had, I experienced emotional and even physical anxiety. I was very worried in my mind about the flight in relation to death and losing the people I love, also experienced palpitatons, could not control myself and almost had a panic attack. I knew that soon I need to have an international flight (for the first time), therefore I decided to try acupuncture to make me feel better.

After a few sessions at Shenmen Akupunktur, which took a month, I took a flight from Copenhagen to Toronto. I felt much better physically, my body was not so intense, I had a normal heart rate and I could control myself. However, I was still a bit worried in my mind, but believe it takes a longer time to change through practice of putting yourself in situations you are afraid of and not trying to avoid them.

- Lina

Helene Fiig

Rigtig god behandling med stor effekt.

Efter et par måneder med tiltagende hedeture fik jeg akupunktur hos Anders. Hedeturene forsvandt fuldstændigt dagen efter og behandlingen holder i 2-3 måneder ad gangen. Jeg kan helt klart anbefale denne behandling, som er uden bivirkninger og har en stor effekt.

- Helene Fiig