Who are we

I am a trained acupuncturist in Traditional Chinese Medicine and Tui Na massage therapist.

I am also a certified NADA practitioner.

With my background as a professional dancer, I have a profound knowledge of the body's physiology and how everything works. I specialise in stress, anxiety, insomnia and muscular disorders.

I emphasize the close relation with the patient in the conversation. Through my knowledge of Traditional Chinese Medicine I have a holistic approach to the treatment. I will take all the signs and manifestations of your condition so I can make the right treatment for you

In addition to my work in the clinic , I have been a student counselor and supervisor of Adademy of Acupuncture in Copenhagen for many years, I taught at Gl. Kongevej Acupuncture School and currently at the Education of Nordic Acupuncture.

Anders Thorhauge


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